Terms of service and privacy

1. Definition & Terms
Definitions of some of the commonly used terms in this document are as below:

  • User: A user is an individual who is living in the Netherlands and has downloaded the i2d food app and registered to be a user of the i2d food app.
  • Kitchen: A kitchen is an individual who is residing in the Netherlands agreed to host meals to registered users of the i2d food app by registering with the i2d kitchen portal.
  • Service Fee: Service fee is the fee and applicable taxes that is being charged to the users for availing the services enabled through the i2d food app.
  • i2d: innovations 2 delight B.V. (i2d b.v. in short) is a registered company based out of Arnhem, the Netherlands
  • i2dfood platform: i2dfood is the online interface developed for the kitchens and users. The online interface for kitchens is a web portal and the of i2dfood and Users will access a mobile application.

2. Registration & Member verification of the user and kitchen

  • By accessing or using the i2dfood platform you represent and warrant that you are 18 or older and have the legal capacity and authority to enter into a contract.
  • i2d B.V. may make the access to and use of the i2dfood Platform, or certain features of the i2dfood Platform, subject to certain conditions or requirements, such as completing a verification process, meeting specific quality or eligibility criteria, meeting Ratings or Reviews thresholds, or accessing booking and cancellation history.
  • User verification on the Internet is difficult and we do not assume any responsibility for the confirmation of any Member’s identity.
  • The access to or use of certain aspects and features of the i2dfood Platform may be subject to separate policies, standards or guidelines, or may require that you accept additional terms and conditions.
  • If there is a conflict between these Terms and the terms and conditions applicable to a specific aspect or feature of the i2d, the latter terms and conditions will take precedence with respect to your access to or use of that aspect or feature, unless specified otherwise.
  • If you access or download the Application from the Apple App Store, you agree to Apple’s Licensed Application End User License Agreement

3. Privacy policy
3.1. Information provided by you.
We collect information you provide us when you use the i2d food Platform;

  • When you sign up for an i2d food Account, we require certain information such as your name, email address, and mobile phone number.
  • To use some features within the i2d food Platform, we also ask you to complete a profile, which includes your address, age, nationality and gender. Certain parts of your profile (such as your profile picture, first name, last name, age and food preferences) are a part of your public profile page, and will be visible to the Kitchens while accepting or rejecting a booking.
  • We also collect identification (such as a copy of your university issued ID card) information of the User.
  • We collect your financial information (such as your bank account and/or credit card /debit card information) to process payments.
  • When you communicate with i2d or use the i2dfood Platform to communicate with kitchens, we collect information about your communication and any information you provide
  • You may also provide us information when you fill in a form, conduct a search, update or add information to your i2dfood Account, respond to surveys, post to community forums, participate in promotions, or use other features of the i2dfood Platform.

3.2. Information We Collect from Your Use of the i2dfood Platform.
When you use the i2dfood Platform, we gather information about the services you use and how you use them.

  • We collect information about what you do with the i2dfood Platform, such as the pages or other content you view, your searches for meals/meal bookings you have made, and other actions on the i2dfood Platform.
  • When you use certain features of the i2dfood Platform, we may collect information about your general or specific. You can control or disable the use of location services for the application in your device’s settings menu.
  • We automatically collect log information when you use the i2dfood webpage, even if you have not created an i2dfood Account or logged in. Details about how you’ve used the i2dfood webpage, IP address, access times, hardware and software information, device information, device event information (e.g., crashes, browser type), and the page you’ve viewed or engaged with before or after using the i2dfood webpage.
  • We collect information related to your transactions on the i2dfood Platform, including the date and time, amounts charged, and other related transaction details.
  • We may use cookies and other similar technologies, such as web beacons, pixels, and mobile identifiers. We may also allow our business partners to use these tracking technologies on the i2dfood Platform, or engage others to track your behavior on our behalf. While you may disable the usage of cookies through your browser settings, we do not change our practices in response to a “Do Not Track” signal in the HTTP header from your browser or mobile application.

3.3. How we use information we gather
We use, store, and process information about you to provide for the following mainly:

  • Understand, improve, and develop the i2d food Platform, and to create and maintain a trusted platform.
  • Detect and prevent fraud, spam, abuse, security incidents, other harmful activity, Conduct investigations and risk assessments.
  • Enforce our policies as per the situation.

3.4. Advertising and Marketing.

  • Based on your communication preferences i2d may at its discretion, send you promotional messages, marketing, advertising, and other information that may be of interest to you.
  • Personalize, measure, and improve our advertising depending on profile information that has been shared or updated by you on the i2d platform
  • Administer referral programs, rewards, surveys, sweepstakes, contests, or other promotional activities or events sponsored or managed by i2dfood or its third party business partners.

3.5. Disclosures
3.5.1. Sharing between Kitchens and Users
To help facilitate bookings, we may share your information with other kitchens, users or third parties as elaborated below:

  • When you, as a User would submit a meal booking request, certain information about you is shared with the Kitchen including your full name and other information you agree to share. When your booking is confirmed, we will disclose additional information to assist with coordinating the Meal, such as your n phone number to facilitate communication between you and the kitchen.
  • When you as a Kitchen have a confirmed booking, certain information of yours is shared with the User to coordinate the booking, such as your full name, Address, phone number.
  • We will not however share your billing and payout information with others.

3.5.2. Profiles, Listings, and other Public Information.
The i2dfood Platform lets you publish information that is visible to the general public. For example, the following information would be visible publicly:

  • Public Listing pages are publicly visible and include information such as the seats for the meal or approximate location (neighborhood and city), Listing description, calendar availability, the Host public profile photo, and any additional information the Kitchen chooses to share on the i2d food platform.
  • After completing a booking, Users and Kitchens may write reviews and rate each other. Reviews are a part of your public profile page once approved by i2d B.V.
  • If you submit content in a public forum or social media post, or use a similar feature on the i2dfood Platform, that content is publicly visible.

4. Intellectual property and copyright
To the extent permitted by law, we disclaim any liability of the pictures posted for the meal. The kitchen when creating a meal request has to upload, to the extent possible, actual pictures of the meal. In the event the picture has been used from a public domain, i2d is not held responsible for copyright infringement. The Kitchen is entirely responsible for the usage of the picture uploaded on i2dfood platform.

5. Fee for services
Kitchens will not be charged directly for our services. 15-20% of the cost of meal which the User pays (which includes our service charge, applicable tax and transaction fee) will be deducted and the balance amount would be passed on to the Kitchen.

6. Cancellation policy
For cancellations initiated by Kitchens: We advise kitchens not to cancel bookings once accepted. Only in rare cases of emergency, you may go for cancellation after accepting a booking request from a user. However, penalties may apply in such a scenario. The applicable penalty amount will depend on the timeframes involved and when exactly the cancellation is initiated as per our cancellation policy which is described below.

  • The Kitchen can cancel the booking before 48 hours of the meal without any charges. Post 48 hours, and up to 6 hours before meal, the kitchen will have to pay the user 125% of the booking value (25% penalty)
  • If the kitchen cancels between 2 to 6 hours, the kitchen will have to pay the user 150% of the booking value (50% penalty)
  • If the kitchen cancels after 2 hours, the kitchen will have to pay the user 200% of the booking value (100% penalty)

For cancellations initiated by Users: We advise users not to cancel a confirmed booking. However, if the cancellation is initiated by a user, you will be entitled to a refund as per our policy which is described below.

  • The user can cancel the booking up to 24 hours before the meal with 25% penalty per place (i.e. 75% will be refunded)
  • Cancellation after 24 hours (up to 6 hours before meal) will attract 50% penalty per place (i.e. 50% will be refunded)
  • 100% penalty (no refund) for cancellations made 6 hours before meal

7. Contact information
Company Name:
Innovations 2 delight B.V.

Company Registered Address:
Groningensingel 645
6835 EZ, Arnhem
The Netherlands



8. Court for legal procedure: For any disputes that might arise out of the usage of the i2d food platform, the legal procedures will be governed and construed with accordance to the Dutch law and shall be referred to the competent court in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

9. Specific to Kitchen
Here are a few guidelines for the kitchens to prepare a healthy and safe meal:


  • Buy food products or ingredients whose shelf life date has not expired (for more information you can refer to www.vwa.nl) and ensure that the packages are not damaged.
  • Pay attention when buying fresh and / or frozen foods.
  • Please make sure that the kitchen is clean and tidy at all times.
  • Please make sure that cook in a hygienic environment and in a hygienic way

Food Allergens
While uploading a meal on the i2d food platform, the kitchen will need to update the dietary restrictions and probable food allergens present in the meal. We also suggest you update the main ingredients used for the preparing the meal so that all this information is available to the users and the users can use their discretion to book that particular meal

It is possible that the User has a food allergy and therefore asks for information about the allergens you used to prepare your dish. Users with food intolerance or food allergies should avoid the substances that lead to allergy or intolerance. European legislation lists 14 substances that are most involved in an intolerance / allergic reaction and the kitchens may indicate that the meal they are uploading may contain one or more of these food substances when applicable
– Gluten grains (wheat (such as spelled and khorasant root), rye, barley, oats or crosses of these species)
– Crustaceans
– Eggs
– Fish
– Groundnuts (peanuts)
– Soy
– Milk (including lactose)
– Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios)
– Celery
– Mustard
– Sesame seed
– Molluscs
– Lupine
– Sulphite.
Since the presence of traces of an allergen may already be sufficient to cause a reaction, it is very important that you know which allergens are present in your dish. Therefore, always read the labels of the products you use. Be aware that there may be cross contamination! For example, if you prepare hazelnuts in your kitchen and then prepare for a dish, traces of hazelnuts can be found in your dish if you do not clean enough between them.

10. Specific to Users:
It is important that a User, while making a booking request through the i2d food app specifies the food allergy that he or she is prone to so that this information is made available to the kitchen and the kitchen takes note of this information while preparing the meal.

11. Rules for bringing an additional guest (if possible)
A user can book and take along an additional guest for meal booking. However, the payment for meals of additional guests will be debited from the User’s bank account. The user would solely be responsible for the actions of the guests that he would bring along. i2d will not assume any liability or control of over the identity, name, age or conduct of the guests

12. Guidelines for conduct for the user when dining at the kitchen
The user has to be on time for the meal.
The user has to clearly specify the allergies to the kitchen.
Dinner tables of Kitchens may have to be shared with other users from diverse cultures/backgrounds. We would encourage that you be sensitive to this fact and engage in a healthy and positive discussions over meals.